Leadership Moments 1


“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives” - Anne Dillard

“Never is there either work without reward, nor reward without work being expended” - Titus Livius

"To turn natural sadness into depression, all you have to do is blame yourself for the disaster that has befallen you" - Dorothy Rowe



Hudson River Landing

Have used this story for years - now sully comes to healthcare - think about expert team rather than a team of experts !

Organisational Culture

Do you join an organisational culture or do you make an organisations culture ?


Who didn't know this, so I wonder why so many ignore it - compromise beats ambition + suffer in silence = low performance

Lead by listening

Leaders - why do you talk so much ?

Leadership Mistakes

Leadership mistakes - turn these into questions and ask your team, listen to the response



NHS Staff Engagement

Engagement is falling year on year in NHS - what is pushing it down and what can pull it up ?

Staff Safety

Safety in our hospitals - vital for patients. Vital for our staff as well - nice reminder of the cost of care for workers

Clinical Alarms

Clinical alarm fatigue - when we become de-sensitised to constant bleeps and alarms - less alarms safer patients!!!

Ethical Collaboration

As UK healthcare system changes the number and type of organisations involved will increase - how they work together will be important

Safety Report

A report with recommendations doesn't seem to be getting there for many - what are we learning about safety reports and how to respond to them ? 


Post courtesy of Steve Andrews