Stop, collaborate and listen...

“No man is an island” begins the famous poem by John Donne. As much as we revere the great leaders like Nelson Mandela, there is a recognition that they did not achieve all their accomplishments all by themselves. 
The Kings’ Fund document “No More Heroes” states that there is a growing recognition that in order to make effective, lasting improvements to the NHS,  a collaborative form of leadership, rather than an autocratic one is going to be required in the future.

“The NHS needs to move beyond the outdated model of heroic leadership to recognise the value of leadership that is shared, distributed and adaptive.”

It seems it is with this in mind that the LETBs are encouraging trainees in the same region to get together and collaborate on Quality Improvement Projects and audits. 
Thus, the Pan-London Audit Network (PLAN) is up and running and the first meeting is going to be on the 14th of March at the Royal College. Head over to the opportunities page to view the full advert. It will be a great chance to meet other trainees from across the region, find out what people are doing and hopefully arrange collaborations that turn individual, small projects into more substantial and effective pieces of work.