Current Opportunities

leadership program at the royal national orthopaedic hospital, stanmore


Anaesthetic trainees at Stanmore will now have the opportunity to take part in the Stanmore Leadership Programme.

The programme has three main arms;

  • Involvement in a Quality Improvement or a Change of Practice project.
  • Exposure to the way the hospitaldoes its day-to-day business
  • Learning the hospital interacts with the wider NHS and the wider world

In addition, trainees will have the opportunity to attend business meeting and speak to senior members of the hospital trust such as the Medical Director and the Finance Director.


Trainees review their experiences of leadership programmes

Enhanced Recovery Fellowship - Royal Free Hospital

A multimodal strategy to improve the perioperative care pathway for primarily colorectal patients but can be extended to other specialities. The process has been shown to result in savings via bedstay days as well as reducing morbidity & mortality.

Executive Shadowing Programme UCLH

Although not a formal management course, the ESP gives you an opportunity to see how management works in the frontline. A chance to witness the dynamics between the chief executive and board directors.